Johanné Gómez Terrero / 53’ / 2016 / República Dominicana

Direction: Johanné Gómez Terrero
Production: Johanné Gómez Terrero
Associated Production: Amelia del Mar Hernández y Alejandro Andújar
Cinematography: Tito Rodríguez
Editing: Raúl Barreras
Sound: Leo Dolgan
Original Music: Carolina Camacho

The city of Santo Domingo is divided by the Ozama river, one of the country’s most important sources of water, but also one of the most polluted. Its banks are home to thousands of migrants who left the countryside in search of fortune in the city, a fortune which is yet to have materialized. This is where Ruddy –a modern-day Kharon– resides. His oars have become an extension of his arms as he takes passengers from one bank of the river to another. Once a week, his girlfriend Morena comes to visit. She is a religious fanatic, always singing praise to Jesus. For eleven years they have kept their relationship a secret. 

She has worked as a producer in film and advertising for over a decade. She graduated from the EICTV (San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba) with the award-winning short film The Minutes, The Hours (2010), part of the official selection in Cinefoundation at the Cannes Film Festival and winner at the San Sebastian International Film Festival. Her more recent works as director are the documentary Caribbean Fantasy (2016), produced with the support of GVC-Grupo Di Voluntario, ACP and ACP Cultures, and the documentary Bajo las carpas (2014), winner of the Premio Identidad at the Festival de la Memoria, in Mexico, officially selected for the Festival RDOC and featured in the Guadalajara DocuLab.