We are in all rivers

Rubén Monsuy Ndong Andeme / 90′ / Country: Bolivia - Guinea Ecuatorial / Filming Country: Bolivia / HD



The history of Afro-descendants in general can be remembered as a long journey of struggle in search of recognition of their cultural identity. An identity that was denied for more than 500 long years. This is the story of Jorge Medina, leader and driver of the Afro-Bolivian people towards the acquisition of their rights. Former MP of MAS, Movement to socialism, today Jorge is at a crossroads. He is no longer in the first political line, nor is he leading the Afro movement; Meanwhile, Bolivian blacks are increasingly divided and basic needs increase without him being able to do anything.


One day I was with Jorge Medina, he was resigned after having had a horrible day, the radio program he leads had stopped being sponsored by two companies and he saw that soon he would have to do without staff, which implies the Fall and the decay of the radio. He breathed a sigh and said in a voice of desolation, “we black people are like fishes, we are and we are able to live in all the rivers.”


Our documentary is a journey into the depths of this man’s personal reality, Medina. Through it, I want to find out if there is anything left of Africa in the Bolivian Negroes. On the other hand, live closely the division of this people and their circumstances. A journey in which the present and the past are part of the same history, the history of the blacks and their expansion by the American lands.

Rubén Monsuy was born in 1985, Equatorial Guinea. Since his childhood ,he lives in Malabo where he began his audiovisual training in the Cultural Center of Spain in Malabo in 2008 through different workshops. It is formed by teachers like Gilbert Ndunga Nzangata, Gabriel Amdur or Elisa Puerto Aubel, among others.


In 2009 he founded, together with other comrades ACIGE, Cinematographic Association of Equatorial Guinea.


In 2014 Rubén Monsuy receives a scholarship from the Madrid Film Institute to continue training in Documentary Film in Spain. In the following year he graduated in script and director of documentary film and television.


He is currently an international representative of the Equatorial Guinea Film Association (ACIGE)

ACIGE, Equatorial Guinea
The Equine Film Association of Equatorial Guinea (ACIGE) is a non-profit association created with the aim of promoting, producing and disseminating cinema in Equatorial Guinea.


It is the first and only association of these characteristics in the country and was founded by a group of young people in Malabo city, a rainy afternoon of August 3, 2008.


We are men and women who are part of the revival of cinema in Equatorial Guinea and we seek to contribute actively to the development of a national film industry.


CADIC, Bolivia


The Bolivian Afro Center for Integral and Community Development “CADIC”, is pleased to welcome you to our web portal. The CADIC arises with the objective of promoting the empowerment of the Afro-Bolivian people by strengthening their ethnic-cultural identity through their educational, political and socio-cultural formation, seeking the relationship with the Government, Civil Society and International Organizations generating actions that contribute to the development in their Communities.

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