Omar A. Razzak / 73’ / 2016 / España

Direction: Omar A. Razzak
Production: Tourmalet Films
Script: Omar A. Razzak
Editing: Omar A. Razzak
Sound: Emilio García Rivas y Sergio González

The lighthouse keeper’s son tries to escape from an island that was once a prison. Meanwhile, one of the few fishing boats that still remain in this island sets off to work for the last time before being dismantled. Suddenly, a storm breaks out. When it’s over, the twelve members of the crew stay calm, pondering an uncertain future: their future, their trade, their island. The Calm Tempest is an insight into a cycle change, into the end of something. It focuses on the fear of what will come next and how to face it.

A Omar A. Razzak loves films. Sometimes he produces them and sometimes he edits them. Paradiso was the first feature film he directed. The second one, La tempestad calmada, has just been released, with the support of Eurodoc and Iberdoc. He is now working on the post-production of Torpe, his last film.