Gonzalo Arijón / 111’ / 2009 / Uruguay

Direction: Gonzalo Arijón
Script: Gonzalo Arijón
Cinematography: Gonzalo Arijón
Music: Florencia Di Concilio
Cast: Eduardo Galeano

What could possibly be happening in this turn-of-the-century South America? Without a shadow of a doubt, the socio-political moment is unique. But, how can you portray the spirit of what is happening in one single film? Three years ago, the director Gonzalo Arijón asked himself these questions, eventually taking his camera in one hand and the Open Veins of Latin America, written by Eduardo Galeano, in the other and embarked on a journey across Brazil, Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Uruguay… with the aim of discovering and gaining a better understanding of these men and women who –from their daily battles– forge this singular and historical moment.

Gonzalo Arijón was born in Montevideo in 1961 and has been living in France since 1979. He is the author of an important work, which includes, among other titles, Lula’s Brazil, The dark side of Milosevic, Rio de Janeiro: a vertical war and Náufragos. Vengo de un avión que cayó en las montañas, which recreates, through testimonies from the survivors, the tragedy of the Uruguayan rugby team whose plane crashed in the Andes in 1972.

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