Vita Maria Drygas / 45' / 2015 / Polonia

Direction: Vita Maria Drygas
Production: Antoni Sambor, Alexandra Bratyshchenko
Script: Vita Maria Drygas
Editing: Tomasz Ciesielski
Sound: Franciszek Kozlowski

A piano rescued by a student from the conservatory of music was used to reinforce a barricade in the Ukrainian Euromaidan thereby becoming a participant in and a symbol of the revolution. The instrument drew together the fates of the film’s protagonists, each of whom faced a different choice, in an attempt to occupy their due place in this dramatic conflict with dignity. Soon afterwards, the piano also united the protestors in the Euromaidan. Ignoring the ice and snow, every day and night they sang the Ukrainian anthem and moving folk songs to the accompaniment of the piano.

Film and photography director Vita Maria Drygas was born in 1984 in Vilnius. A graduate of French Studies from the Warsaw University, she also studied in the Photography Department of the Lodz Film School and completed a Development Laboratory at the Andrzej Wajda School of Film Directing. She is currently attending a postgraduate course at the Radio and Television Faculty of the University of Silesia. Her debut was the short documentary film Knife in the Wife.