Nikola Spasic / 62’ / 2016 / Serbia

Direction: Nikola Spasic
Production: Milanka Gvoic, Nikola Spasic
Script: Milanka Gvoic
Cinematography: Petar Strmecki, Mirko Todorovic, Daniel Toader
Editing: Nikola Spasic
Sound: Ivica Drnic

A self-taught Romany musician from a village called Beška in Serbia, Dragan Petrović, founds a band with his three underage sons, not only to make a living out of it, but, first and foremost, to keep his family together. On the way to their dreams, from playing by ear to reading music, this unusual ensemble will have to overcome many obstacles. The oldest son, Radovan, will have to accomplish the hardest task: leave his village, enrol at a music school in a big city and teach his younger brothers, so that one day all three of them can become professional musicians.

Nikola Spasić graduated in film directing at the Academy of Arts of the University of Novi Sad and he obtained a masters’ degree in film and TV editing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts of the University of Belgrade. During his studies, he volunteered at the Department of Addictions and Mental Health at the Clinical Centre of Vojvodina. He is the CEO and Co-founder of the production company Rezon. In the last years, he has directed, edited and produced several short fiction films that have been screened at festivals in Serbia and the region. Currently, he is studying for his PhD of dramatic arts at the University of Novi Sad. Why Dragan gathered his band is his first feature documentary film.