Acquisition Executive
Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company


We are looking for singles and series for Kunskapskanalen (The Knowledge Channel) and are focusing on general knowledge programs for the main audience. Kunskapskanalen is a cooperation between UR and SVT. The strands are as follows; Explore (people and places, adventures) contemporary history, popular science and science, factual and documentaries. When it comes to our documentaries we are looking for life stories, less investigative or provocative docs, rather more feel-good stories and the key word is fascination, goes for all programs. We are aiming for one-hour length however we can now accept feature length version when it comes to documentaries although no 30 minutes programs.


UR – Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company is part of the public service broadcasting group in Sweden, with Swedish Radio (SR) and Swedish Television (SVT). UR’s mandate is to produce and broadcast educational and general knowledge programs which enhance, fill out, and strengthen the work of others active in education.