What is the difference between MiradasDoc Market and Festival?

MiradasDoc Market is a meeting point for professionals of the documentary industry, and it is not open to the general audience. It is a platform where projects in development are presented before a panel of commissioning editors and other potential investors, or where already finished projects are shown to distributors and festival makers.

The Festival is open to the general public, and during it you can see already finished documentary films that have been previously selected by the programmers of each section.


Can I submit a finished documentary to the Pitching ?

No, you can’t. The Pitching is only for documentary projects in development.


Does my documentary project need to have finance in place before I submit it?

No, it doesn’t.


Can I submit a project without a video clip?

Yes, but it will diminish your chances of getting selected.


Can I submit more than one project?

Yes, you can. But bear in mind that the committee will not select more than one project per company or director.


Does my project need to be European?

No, it doesn’t. Projects can come from all over the world.


Do I have to pay to submit a project?

No, you only pay if your project gets selected.


Can I submit a documentary series project?

Yes, you can. But bear in mind that broadcasters have less slots for documentary series.