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France Ô Chanel


France O is the chain of Overseas.
It is part of a strong identity imbued with great diversity and openness to the world. It is available in Live and Replay.
It is a general-interest channel of the public service included in the France Télévisions group. She has come to replace RFO Sat since 2005 but has kept the desire to highlight cultural diversity.


The current programming of France O aims to maintain a link between the hexagon and the ultra-marine departments. Thus she is turned to the information inherent to overseas departments with the news but also via documentaries and reports on the festive and cultural events. It also offers various entertainment such as Music Explorer.
The different cultures of the world have a prominent place. The focus is on the mix of influences, citizen debates including through the Flash Talk show and informative reports on very varied topics as in Investigatiôns. The channel offers a rich series of fiction and telenovelas with programs like Cut or the Price of Forgiveness. You can enjoy live programs at any time on France Ô direct.


But to miss nothing of your favorite shows, you can benefit from our new service replay france.tv. It puts at your disposal all the programs broadcast on France Ô that you can view when you wish in a few clicks. The richness of the video on demand catalog (VOD) opens wide possibilities with more French or foreign films and diversified series.
The new Replay service is permanently available and complements the live France O for greater freedom of viewing. The contents are rebroadcast in their entirety or according to a selection of the best extracts.


All the programs France Ô formerly available in replay on Pluzz are now on France.tv.