Luis López Carrasco / 23’ / 2017 / España

Direction: Luis López Carrasco
Production: Luis López Carrasco
Script: Luis López Carrasco
Editing: Luis López Carrasco, Sergio Jiménez
Cinematography: Ion de Sosa
Sound: Manolo Marín

Is the world something strange, oblivious to all my emotions? An alien is a foreign person, strange or excluded. In popular culture, it’s the inhabitant of another planet. Tesa Arranz, a key figure of the Movida Madrileña and the singer with the group Zombies, has painted five hundred portraits of aliens from outer space in the last decade.

LUIS LÓPEZ CARRASCO is a filmmaker, writer and visual artist. He is co-founder of the audio-visual collective Los hijos, who focus on documentary and experimental films. The collective’s work has been screened at numerous festivals and international arts centres. The International Festival of Mar del Plata, the District Festival of Mexico City, the Lima Independent Film Festival, CGAI and Arteleku have dedicated special sessions to them. The collective’s first feature film, Los materiales / The materials, won the Jean Vigo award for best direction at the 2010 Punto de Vista International Festival in Navarra and Special Mention from the Jury of FiD Marseille 2010. El futuro is his first solo feature film.