Shawn Convey / 91’ / 2016 / Estados Unidos

Direction: Shawn Convey
Production: Shawn Convey, Gregor Streiber
Editing: Katharina Fiedler
Cinematography: Shawn Convey, Martin Langner
Sound: Johannes Kunz
Original Music: Joshua Convey, Skooby Laposky

The Wolves are no ordinary biker club as revealed in this gorgeously shot, surprisingly intimate portrait of trauma and survival. Still struggling from the aftermath of the Bosnian War, they organize charity for their small mountain town and defend the threatened herd of wild horses they first met on the frontline. It’s out there, with the horses, they confront their past and try to reclaim that territory as a space for healing.

SHAWN CONVEY spent a decade as a photographer in New York and Chicago before concentrating on film. He settled in Bosnia and Herzegovina wanting to humanize the people vs. perpetuating the stigmatizing stereotypes of most postwar documentary films. Among Wolves premiered October 2016, already winning the Chicago Award at Chicago International Film Festival and Best Director at DOC LA. He is currently editing DMT, a lyrical document of dance/movement therapy for survivors of human trafficking in India.