Isabel Coixet / 25’ / 2010 / España

Direction: Isabel Coixet
Production: Carla Sospedra
Script: Isabel Coixet
Editing: Arantxa Roca
Cinematography: Jordi Azategui

This documentary brings us the ecological tragedy of the Aral Sea in central Asia. It was the fourth largest lake in the world till an awful political decision in the  60’s which reduced its size to just a quarter of what was once. 

Isabel Coixet started making films when she received an 8mm camera as a first communion present. After graduating with a degree in 18th and 19th century history from the University of Barcelona, she worked in advertising and produced advertising copy. She won several accolades for her spot ads, and eventually founded her own production company, Miss Wasabi Films, in 2000. In 1988, Coixet made her debut as a scriptwriter and director in Demasiado viejo para morir joven (Too Old to Die Young), for which she was nominated at the Goya Awards for Best New Director…. [more info]

Apertura, IsabelCoixet