Moisés Salama / 90’ / 2017 / España

Direction: Moisés Salama
Production: Moisés Salama, Rosa Tapia Ruano
Script: Moisés Salama, Alejandro Alvarado, Concha Barquero
Editing: Moisés Salama, Alejandro Alvarado, Concha Barquero
Cinematography: Alejandro Alvarado
Sound: Concha Barquero

At seventy years old, Nando is seriously ill. It is a critical moment in his life that serves as a catalyst for a biographical story that alternates between an account of the present and memories of the past. The changing portrait of the protagonist who unflinchingly remembers years of disguises, searches and explorations, is outlined through a discontinuous narrative that goes from his resumed political activity following the 15-M movement to his activism during the anti-Franco student revolts and, after his exile to France, from his period of heroin addiction to his current commitment to the practice of Buddhist meditation as a tool for personal and social transformation.

MOISÉS SALAMA has a degree in Modern History from the Faculty of Granada. He is an associate professor at the University of Granada focusing on the Theory and Practice of the Documentary and Fundamentals of Audio-visual Production. For several years he has been a tutor at UNED in Melilla where he runs his Film School. He has held management and leadership positions in several film events, and is currently responsible for programming and content for the Málaga Festival where he has coordinated several conferences about the documentary genre. He was also Coordinator of the Granada Festival Cines del Sur in its first years. He has directed several documentaries: Melillenses / Living in Melilla (2004), Una historia personal / A personal history (2005), Atlas bereber / Berber Atlas (2008), Vibraciones / Vibrations (co-directed with Miguel Ángel Oeste, 2010), and Caballo de viento (2017).