Ingrid Guardiola / 71 / 2017 / España

Direction: Ingrid Guardiola
Production: Miguel Ángel Blanca, Bernat Manzano
Script: Ingrid Guardiola
Editing: Miguel Ángel Blanca
Cinematography: Joanot Cortès
Sound: Miguel A. Pachón
Original Music: Cabo San Roque

Casa de nadie is a documentary essay from the point of view of two aging communities. It reflects on memory, productivity, work and their own extinction as a community. The narrative takes place in an urban retirement home in Barcelona ​​and in a former mining colony in León which has been the victim of depopulation and economic globalization. Both locations exist crystallized, as if they were the remains of a time that, with resignation, serenity and a sense of humour, is disappearing. 

INGRID GUARDIOLA holds a PhD in Humanities from the Pompeu Fabra University with a doctoral thesis on appropriation cinema, and is an associate professor at the University of Girona, specialising in Creative Documentary, New Television Formats and Audio-visual Creation. She has been collaborating with the CCCB since 2002, with special focus on issues such as gender, inequality, culture and the public space. She is currently working with the CCCB on the audio-visual essay project Soy Cámara / I am the Camera. In the field of gender studies, she is also working on the research project La dimensión poco conocida: Pioneras del cine / The little-known dimension: Female pioneers of cinema. Casa de nadie (2017) is her first documentary feature film.