Diego Véliz, José Miguel Garrido / 9’ / 2017 / Chile

Direction: Diego Véliz y José Miguel Garrido
Production: Diego Véliz
Editing: Diego Véliz
Cinematography: Diego Véliz
Sound: José Miguel Garrido
Original Music: Luis Guerra y Jorge Guerra

During the day, Jorge (56) has to cook meals for a young relative in his home and take care of his pets, although he also spends much of his time alone. As night falls, his life takes a different turn.

DIEGO VÉLIZ is the founder of Candelabro Producciones, a film company from which he directs and produces Aquí nos quedamos, documentary in its filming stage that has been throught workshops like Chiledoc, Nuevas Miradas and Sanfic. Currently, he is director and producer of the International Documentary Film Festival Aricadoc.


JOSÉ MIGUEL GARRIDO is currently president of the community television project ChallaTv. from which he produces the series Arica siempre rica. He also works in the distribution program of Aricadoc.