Zac73dragon / 10’ / 2016 / España

Direction: Zac73dragon
Production: Jose Víctor Fuentes, Ico Sanchez-Pinto
Editing: Zac73dragon
Cinematography: Zac73dragon
Sound: Zac73dragon

Mum and Dad have spent a lifetime having breakfast together, every morning, spring, summer, autumn, winter, spring… but now they have new guests to attend to.

ZAC73DRAGON is the nickname of Jose Víctor Fuentes, also known as Zacarías de la Rosa. In 2002, on the island of La Palma, he created the Festivalito, a film festival that showed the new aesthetic, narrative and production possibilities of films made with small digital cameras. The Festivalito was his true film school, and the invited artists were his true teachers.


After several short films and unclassifiable pieces, he finished his first feature film in 2011: 90 minutes & I love you: a collective film, written on the web and filmed in a single sequence shot in Brooklyn, New York. This film was followed in 2012 by La Luz de Mafasca / The Mafasca Light, a fantastic thriller shot in the arid landscapes of the island of Fuerteventura. His latest feature film is 11211, a prequel to his previous New York film and also shot in the neighbourhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.