David Pantaleón / 9’ / 2016 / España

Direction: David Pantaleón
Production: Los de Lito Films
Script: David Pantaleón
Editing: David Pantaleón, Fernando Alcántara, Oscar Santamaría
Cinematography: Cris Noda
Sound: Carolina Hernández, Daniel Mendoza, Mendoproaudio
Original Music: José Antonio Fajardo

Those who worship the Golden Calf base their lives on materialism, trying to win belongings and riches through their adoration. Lying and plundering become common practices.

DAVID PANTALEÓN. With a degree in Dramatic Art from the School of Actors of the Canary Islands, he began his career as a director in 2006. He and his works have participated in festivals such as Oberhausen (Ecumenical Jury Award for La Passion de Judas / The Passion of Judas), Vila do Conde, Rio de Janeiro, Brest, L’Alternativa, DOKUMENTART, Odense and FILMADRID among others.