Julián Cáneva / 10’ / 2016 / Argentina

Direction: Julián Cáneva
Production: Julián Cáneva
Editing: Julián Cáneva
Cinematography: Julián Cáneva
Sound: Julián Cáneva
Original Music: Artista Talent

In 1976, the Ford Falcon ceased to be a family car and became the civil-military dictatorship’s preferred vehicle for kidnappings.

JULIÁN CÁNEVA, is a Radio and Television Producer and Director. He works as an external cameraman in the television channel TV Universidad at the National University of La Plata. Currently, he is studying Social Communication, majoring in Journalism, and a Technical Degree in Popular Communication at the Faculty of Journalism and Social Communication, National University of La Plata. As an independent producer, he founded the Militancia Audiovisual Group. Julián has completed eleven audio-visual productions as a filmmaker, one full-length, eight video minutes and two short documentary films.