Macu Machín / 11’ / 2017 / España

Direction: Macu Machín
Script: Macu Machín
Editing: Macu Machín
Cinematography: Macu Machín
Sound: Maite Álamo, Félix Blume, Macu Machín

In the islands of dry lava, nothing moves except the perpetual sea and wind. To these the salineros (salt farmers) dedicate themselves; workers who, in the art of taking salt from the ocean, have become a landscape.

MACU MACHÍN, studied film in Madrid, screenwriting at the EICTV in Cuba and completed a masters in documentary film at the University of Cinema in Buenos Aires. She has worked as a scriptwriter/documentary maker in Barcelona, ​​Argentina and the Canary Islands for producers such as MEDIAPRO, GeoPlaneta and MediaReport. In 2006, she began a series of documentary pieces about the landscape as ruin and memory. El Imperio de la Luz / The Empire of Light received the Richard Leacock Award for Best Short Film at the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival 2016, the Manuel Villalba Award from the CajaCanarias Foundation and has participated in festivals such as Curtocircuito, ZINEBI, Burien Film Festival (USA), MiradasDoc and Tenerife Shorts.