Nagore Eceiza / 29’ / 2016 / España

Direction: Nagore Eceiza
Production: Igor Arabaolaza, Nagore Eceiza
Script: Nagore Eceiza
Editing: Igor Arabaolaza, Nagore Eceiza
Cinematography: Igor Arabaolaza, Nagore Eceiza, Iñaki Gorraiz
Sound: Igor Arabaolaza, Nagore Eceiza
Original Music: Gorka Pastor

While Bollywood films feed the imagination of young people in India, projecting wonderful and passionate love stories, the reality for many of these young people is very different. Their parents will decide their fate with the SAGAI: a ceremony, a contract in which they will commit their children to a future spouse that their children probably don’t even know and who they will marry once they reach the age of majority, or even before. Where is the love, beyond the films?

NAGORE ECEIZA has been working as a freelancer under the name EL SANTO Films since 2013. Her clients are Communication Agencies, NGOs, companies and end customers. Highly identified with the social documentary genre as a tool to generate debate and knowledge, to date she has directed four documentary shorts: Fifty Rupees Only (2016), Larre Motzean (2014), Abba Malaku (2009) and La serpiente multicolor / The multicolour snake (2009).