Marina Thomé / 10’ / 2017 / Brasil

Direction: Marina Thomé
Production: Estúdio CRUA
Editing: Marina Thomé
Cinematography: Marina Thomé
Sound: Marina Thomé

Gary sells balloons on New York subways and dreams about learning magic. Filmed conversations get the Brazilian documentary filmmaker closer to this Brooklyn resident from a Cuban background, that in long underground routes questions himself about his way of navigating this world.

MARINA THOMÉ holds a Master’s degree in Creative Documentary (UAB, Barcelona), is specialized in Communication, Art and Technology (UBA – São Paulo, Brazil), and develops documentary projects for multimedia, cinema and TV platforms. Marina studied photojournalism and storytelling at the International Center of Photography in New York. She co-directed the feature film O Som dos Sinos (The Sound of Bells). Her recent productions include the short documentary Gary, Todas las semillas sembradas, The Typing City, Las Sombras del Progreso, De Viver de Rios, de Viver de Ruas. The screenplay of her next feature film, The Dual Nature of Light, was selected to be developed at the Liziéres Residency in France, 2018.