Roser Corella / 85’ / 2017 / España

Direction: Roser Corella
Production: Moving mountains films
Editing: Ariadna Ribas
Cinematography: Roser Corella
Sound: Marta Millet
Original Music: Paul Frick

Since Kyrgyzstan gained its independence in 1991, the practice popularly known as Ala-Kachuu (“grab and run”) has re-emerged. More than half of the women in Kyrgyzstan are married to men who abducted them. Some manage to escape after violent scenes, but tradition and fear of social rejection persuade most to accept marriage. Although the abduction of brides is considered a crime by the criminal code of Kyrgyzstan, the law is rarely applied to protect women from this violent practice.

ROSER CORELLA is an Independent Documentary Filmmaker and Video Journalist, currently based in Berlin. Roser began her career as video journalist for the Catalan TV3, but her interest on human stories behind global issues moved her to start self producing and developing a personal vision within the documentary field. Her work have been shown worldwide, winning numerous awards such POYI Picture of the Year International in USA, and CANAL+ France Award at Women’s Film Festival of Créteil. She currently combines her personal work with collaborations as a video journalist for various international media. Her fascination for documentary genre, that testifies to the medium’s inherent tensions and paradoxes, has led her around the world in search of stories to tell. Not only to witness but to challenge and raise critical questions about contemporary societies.