Sayaka Mizuno / 40’ / 2016 / Suiza

Direction: Sayaka Mizuno
Production: HEAD – Genève (Haute école d’art et de design de Genève)
Editing: Gabriel Gonzalez
Cinematography: Masanori Omori, Sayaka Mizuno
Sound: Masanori Omori, Sayaka Mizuno

In the industrial city of Kawasaki, on the corner of the street where my grandparents used to live, bettors of keirin – a cycling race developed in post-war – gather in a tiny bar busy drinking, chatting and gambling at the velodrome nearby. Most are old men who struggle to make a living for themselves; most have lived in this town their whole lives. This film frankly captured with a fixed camera, gives voice to the lives of the elderly men who have been left behind by Japan’s economy.

SAYAKA MIZUNO. Born in 1991 at Geneva, Sayaka Mizuno graduated from the HEAD – Genève (Geneva University of Art and Design) and obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Cinema with honors for her medium-length film Kawasaki keirin. The film won the Flaherty Talent Award at Nara International Film Festival 2016, the Prix du Jury SSA/SUISSIMAGE for the most innovative Swiss film at Visions du réel 2017, the Evening Kazan Paper’s Special Prize at International Debut Documentary Film Festival Rudnik 2017 and the Prix des formations audiovisuelles at Traces de Vies 2017. She is currently pursuing her education in the ECAL/HEAD Cinema Master’s in Switzerland and was a fellow at the Locarno Filmmakers Academy 2017.