Laura Henno / 19’ / 2016 / Francia

Direction: Laura Henno
Production: Spectre Productions
Script: Laura Henno
Editing: Qutaiba Barhamji
Cinematography: Laura Henno
Sound: Laura Henno, Tristan Pontécaille

In the dark night, off the Comoros archipelago, Patron learns how to become “Commandant”. Soon he will take his first clandestine passengers to Mayotte.

LAURA HENNO is a photographer. KOROPA is her fisrt film. She is currently developing her next film M’TSAMBORO which will also take place in the Comoros. Winner of the Prize Découverte of the Rencontres Internationales de Photographie of Arles in 2007, her photographic work is represented by Gallery Les Filles du Calvaire.