Juan Vicente Castillejo Navarro / 10’ / 2017 / España

Direction: Juan Vicente Castillejo Navarro
Production: Juan Vicente Castillejo Navarro
Script: Juan Vicente Castillejo Navarro
Editing: Juan Vicente Castillejo Navarro, Hugo Elegido Nebot
Cinematography: Juan Vicente Castillejo Navarro, Ismael Olivares
Sound: Pablo López Jordan
Original Music: Pablo López Jordan

It is the day of the little girl’s communion.

JUAN VICENTE CASTILLEJO NAVARRO studied Audio-visual Communication and Journalism at the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid and has a Master’s in Audio-visual Distribution from the ECAM. Castillejo has worked in production for various short films. During that time, he also worked in programming with film clubs and in technical audio-visual work for the distribution company Surtsey Films. He is currently working freelance for other producers and distributors such as Film Buró, Creta producciones and malvalanda and with the audio-visual distribution project Proyecta una peli.