Dailo Barco / 86’ / 2017 / España

Direction: Dailo Barco
Production: Jairo López, Domingo J. González, Jonay García
Script: Dailo Barco
Editing: Oscar Santamaría
Cinematography: Santiago Torres, Gabriel García
Sound: Marco A. Toledo
Original Music: GAF

Roberto was born on a small island in the Atlantic. The arrival of Jan, a veteran Dutch traveller, opens doors for him onto the world, culture and amateur cinema. The close relationship between the two still beats in the films they created. Dailo is a filmmaker and, almost by chance, he comes across Roberto’s archive. Little by little, the landscapes, the faces and the looks that live on those “postcards” begin to trap him until he becomes part of the film.

DAILO BARCO holds a degree in Sociology from the University of La Laguna. In 2010, he finished his Master’s Degree in Contemporary Film and Audio-visual Studies at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, ​​where he later completed a Doctorate in Audio-visual Communication. Together with Ana Pérez Pinto and Estrella Monterrey, he co-directed the full-length documentary Viudas Blancas / White Widows (2012), revealing the untold story of the migration from the Canary Islands to Latin America. Archipiélago Fantasma (2017) and Las Postales de Roberto (2017) mark the start of his solo film career.