Julian Ballester / 57’ / 2017 / Francia

Direction: Julian Ballester
Production: Damien Megherbi, Justin Pechberty (Les Valseurs)
Edition: Baptiste Petit-Gats
Cinematography: Julian Ballester
Sound: Julian Ballester

Night after night, Kye, Tobie, Paul, Kim and Tattoo wander through Montreal’s labyrinth of streets and alleys. They support each other, and drugs accompany all of them. The drugs are simultaneously an escape and the thing preventing them from moving forward. Kye, the youngest, sometimes dreams of another life.

JULIAN BALLESTER graduated from the Université Aix-Marseille with a Master’s degree in documentary film studies. His graduation film Rue Curiol tells the story or three transexual prostitutes in Marseilles, at a moment when the street where they work and live is under reconstruction. He then moved to Canada, where he kept exploring the life in the streets. Midnight Ramblers is his second film, and was made with a group of five drug addicts living at night in the streets of downtown Montreal.