Florian Kunert / 27’ / 2017 / Alemania

Direction: Florian Kunert
Production: Florian Kunert (Highway Spirit)
Editing: Florian Kunert, Ian Purnell, Lara Rodriguez
Cinematography: Florian Kunert
Sound: Stefan Voglsinger
Original Music: Stefan Galler, The Strangers

The sea nomads of Indonesia believe that with every newborn there is a twin brother in the form of an octopus. Rituals are carried out to appease the brother in the water and prevent misfortunes. When dishonor occurs, Jakarta is portrayed as the apocalyptic revenge of the brother octopus.

FLORIAN KUNERT is a German filmmaker. After his degree in audiovisual media in 2010 he trained six locals from the Khayelitsha township in South Africa in documentary filmmaking and directed the 360° video installation Shack Theatre. In 2012 he studied documentary directing at the EICTV in Cuba and founded his film production company Highway Spirit. Florian lived for one year in Indonesia, researching and shooting his latest documentary Oh Brother Octopus. At the moment he is taking part in the postgraduate program of the Academy of Media Arts in Cologne.