Pavel Marcano / 64’ / 2017 / Argentina

Direction: Pavel Marcano
Production: Didier Costet, Amedeo Scognamiglio, Ramiro Dunogent, Pavel Marcano
Script: Pavel Marcano
Editing: Pavel Marcano, Flavio Aguilera
Cinematography: Gerardo Vélez Gutierrez
Sound: Pedro Becco
Original Music: Joaquin García

Bonifacio is just another of the hundreds of patients who live at Open Door, a psychiatric hospital located in the outskirts of Buenos Aires. After several failed attempts to reintegrate into society, and finding no other solution, he has no choice but to turn the hospital into his home and make his companions into a family.

PAVEL MARCANO studied directing, playwriting and acting at the National School of Drama in the Dominican Republic. After participating as an actor in countless theatrical and film projects, he creates his own experimental theater company and decides to write and direct several plays, among which one: Hey, hey, on the third day was nominated for five awards Cassandra granted by the Association of Art Critics of the Dominican Republic. Later, he decides to break into the film world as a director and screenwriter, reason why he moves to Buenos Aires and obtains the title of Bachelor of Film Directing at the Universidad del Cine. Over recent years he has worked on numerous projects as director, writer and producer, standing out among them with his latest project as director and scriptwriter We, You, They selected for the Cannes Short Film Corner 2014. Open Doors is the first feature film directed by Pavel Marcano.