Anna Pawluczuk / 15’ / 2017 / Polonia

Direction: Anna Pawluczuk
Production: Mateusz Przygoda
Editing: Alan Zejer
Cinematography: Piotr Zurawski
Sound: Anna Pawluczuk, Marcin Chlewicki

Justyna is a nine year old girl who is training professionally rhytmic gymnasts. Her life is filled with trainings and competitions, where she often has to exceed their own limits and weaknesses. Every day she needs to be stronger and more determined if she wants to beat her colleagues in all competition races. Despite all the enormous efforts she not always manages to stand on the podium. When she loses her hopes for wining she decides to start training five-year gymnasts by herself.

ANNA PAWLUCZUK is film directing student at Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School in Łódź. Born in Białystok, northern-east part of Poland in 1991. She is Bachelor of Cultural Studies and Film Production technician. Earlier in her life she worked on ZUBROFFKA Short Movie Festival and Underground/Independent Festival.


Anna is very enthusiastic about film education and worked as coordinator of filmmaking courses in Bialystok. She is also experienced as a radio journalist. Now she is cooperating with one of the biggest Film magazine in Poland in its on-line version.