Cristina Rodríguez Cejas / 18’ / 2017 / España y Portugal

Direction: Cristina Rodríguez Cejas
Production: Cristina Rodríguez Cejas
Editing: Cristina Rodríguez Cejas
Cinematography: Cristina Rodríguez Cejas
Sound: Belén Soto, Jonatan Israel, Javier Cabrera

Rio Mouro is a short documentary which came out of a search for the cultural identity of the children of immigrants in a neighbourhood of Sintra. Through their lives, we not only discover a subculture, but also the trap of being born in a marginal neighbourhood.

CRISTINA RODRÍGUEZ CEJAS is a 22 years old, spanish student who´s finishing her media communication university course. (UNIVERSIDAD COMPLUTENSE DE MADRID). She has just made her first film as a director, Rio Mouro (2017). She created and produced it alone (with her camera and a little sound recorder) this documentary short film, tries to discover the reality of the suburbs and the immigration in Lisbon.