Sonia Pacios y Kepa Sojo / 19’ / 2017 / España

Direction: Sonia Pacios y Kepa Sojo
Production: Sonia Pacios (KUTTUNA FILMAK)
Script: Sonia Pacios y Kepa Sojo
Editing: Josu Trokaola, Sonia Pacios y Kepa Sojo
Cinematography: Aritz Bilbao
Sound: Haimar Olaskoaga

Ronda de Poniente is a street in Posada del Bierzo, in the village of Berciana belonging to the municipality of Carracedelo (León). It is one of the three colonies built in the area by the National Institute of Colonisation.

KEPA SOJO was born in Llodio (Alava) in 1968. He is a film director and scriptwriter as well as a Doctor of Art History and Professor of Film History at the UPV/EHU. His audio-visual work has obtained more than 70 national and international prizes as well as a nomination to the Goya Awards in 2015 for his short film Loco con ballesta / Madman with a crossbow. Since 2009, he has coordinated the Vitoria-Gasteiz CORTADA Festival and since 2016 the Basque Short Film Festival in the town of Amurrio, BEGIBISTAN.


SONIA PACIOS ALVAREZ was born in Ponferrada (León) in 1971. As the production director of KUTTUNA FILMAK S.L., she has spent many years in the world of cinema in general and in the field of short films in particular. In the field of production, she has led such outstanding film projects as Loco con ballesta / Madman with a crossbow (2013), by Kepa Sojo, nominated for the 2015 Goya Awards and winner of 29 awards, False Flag (2016), by Asier Urbieta and Hileta (2016), by Kepa Sojo, both works selected in the Kimuak 2016 programme. She has also produced several shorts in Basque such as Otsoko (2014), by Ander Iriarte and Eta orain zer egingo dugu (2013), by Jose Kruz Gurrutxaga and Aitor Aranguren. She was the founder of the production and distribution company BANATU FILMAK S.L. In the field of film screenings, she is part of the production team of the CORTADA festival in Vitoria-Gasteiz and the BEGIBISTAN festival in Amurrio (Alava).