Tana Gilbert / 14’ / 2017 / Chile

Direction: Tana Gilbert
Production: Alba Gaviraghi
Editing: Javiera Velozo
Cinematography: Asheley Salman, Sebastián Cifuentes
Sound: María José Salazar
Original Music: Bastián Marín, Luis Baariga

Julia (87) and Johnny (56) are mother and son and only have each other. Submerged in his own time, Johnny deals with a mental instability that is no obstacle to him taking care of his mother who suffers from memory loss, combing her hair and singing to her. Julia, despite her confusion, looks for Johnny because she knows that he is all she has. Sigo acá explores the unconditional relationship between a mother and son, a relationship that keeps them together physically and mentally, transcending time and its effects.

TANA GILBERT is a film and television producer and has a degree in Audio-visual Communication from the University of Chile. Her first documentary short film Descansa, Zulema / Rest, Zulema (2013) won awards and was screened at various national and international festivals. It is available on the DOC Alliance Films website. She works as an assistant and substitute teacher in documentary filmmaking courses at the University of Chile and Alberto Hurtado University, among others. She also works in production for ChileDoc (a cultural organisation which distributes and manages documentary films in Chile and abroad), and for Errante Producciones and Blume Producciones which respectively produce and distribute documentary films. She is assistant director of the Interactive Documentary El tiempo que queda / The time remaining, directed by Susana Foxley. Sigo acá is a short film financed by the Chilean Fondo Audiovisual Fund and premiered at Hot Docs 2017. She is currently working on her first feature film Casa de acogida / House of shelter, a documentary that explores the experiences of women who have been victims of domestic violence and are now living in shelters, and her first Interactive Documentary Mi mundo pequeño / My small world which reflects on the use of social media by people who are in jail.