Laura Sipán / 28’ / 2017 / España

Direction: Laura Sipán
Production: Observatorio Aragonés por el Sáhara Occidental, Oh My Doc!
Script: Laura Sipán
Editing: Costis Mitsotakis
Cinematography: Laura Sipán
Sound: Costis Mitsotakis
Original Music: Clem Leek y The Echelon Effect

After the military occupation of the Western Sahara by Morocco, hundreds of people were forced to disappear in clandestine prisons. Soukeina is one of them, she had been missing for 10 years. When she came out of prison, her world had broken into a thousand pieces.

LAURA SIPÁN is a television content coordinator, creative consultant for documentaries (one of which was an award-winner at Sundance 2013), scriptwriter and director at Aragón TV. Her first short film, El talento de las moscas / Talent of the Flies, was selected in more than 70 festivals and won 23 awards. In 2015, she received a European ESoDoc grant, awarded out of more than 200 projects in 55 countries. ESoDoc is a programme of development and professional advice for documentary film makers specialized in human rights. Soukeina was the result of this grant award. She has also directed the feature films El Hombre y la Música / The Man and the Music (co-produced by TVE and Aragón TV) and Sobre la misma tierra / On the same land.