Cyprien Clement-Delmas, Igor Kosenko / 12’ / 2017 / Alemania

Direction: Cyprien Clement-Delmas, Igor Kosenko
Production: Fabian Driehorst
Editing: Martin Reimers
Cinematography: Ivan Castineiras
Sound: Andriy Nidzelskiy

The 88-year-old veteran Anatoly has taught everything he knows about being a soldier to his 18-year-old grandson Artiom. But one day before Artiom wants to go to war as a volunteer, Anatoly is no longer sure if he should let him go.

CYPRIEN CLEMENT-DELMAS works as photographer and filmmaker. He studied at film school ESCAC in Barcelona. Lives and works in Paris. As a director and filmmaker he did several short films, music videos and documentaries. His fist photography exhibition was in Paris 2006, followed by exhibitions at Kowasa Gallery (Spanien), Nikki Diana-Marquardt (Paris), Ithuba Arts Gallery (South Africa) and Christie’s in Paris. In 2015 he received a scholarship of the French Rubis Mécénat and is represented by the international artists agency Caviar. Cyprien works regularly for social projects, like the documentary film workshop Audiovisuales sin Fronteras for prisoners. In 2012, 2013 and 2016 he teaches photography for young students in the suburbs of Thokoza in Johannesburg (South Africa).


IGOR KOSENKO is a filmmaker born 1983 in Ukraine. He is a graduate of ESCAC in Barcelona 2010 and, after studying at the US Film school AFI in 2012, he’s been working as a cinematographer on feature films. He is currently based in L.A., but constantly travels to Europe, as he works in both continents.