Tiziana Panizza / 107’ / 2017 / Chile

Direction: Tiziana Panizza
Production: Macarena Fernández Gurotto
Script: Tiziana Panizza
Editing: Coti Donoso, Tiziana Panizza
Cinematography: Pablo Valdés
Sound: Claudio Vargas

A researcher found 32 documentaries filmed on Easter Island almost a century ago. There are images of the Moai in all of them, but few appearances by the inhabitants, who were at that time subject to a cruel colonization, treated as slaves and confined to their own village for more than 60 years. Desperate, many of them escaped to the high seas in precarious boats. Tierra Sola tells that story and the narrative of their current prison; a small community guarded by native and Chilean gendarmes. Where would a fugitive go on the most remote island on the planet? Tierra Sola is a documentary about the paradox.

TIZIANA PANIZZA is a documentary filmmaker who has a Master’s in art and media from the University of Westminster, England (Chevening Scholarship 2002) and studied Documentary Cinema at the International Film and Television School in Cuba (Ibermedia scholarship, 2011). Among her films are Dear Nonna: a film letter (2005), Remitente: una carta visual / Sender: a visual letter (2008), Al Final: la última carta / At the End: the last letter (2013) short films that make up the documentary trilogy Cartas Visuales / Visual Letters. She is the director of the documentaries Tierra en Movimiento / Unstable Land (2015) and Tierra Sola (2017) and co-director of the feature film 74 metros cuadrados / 74 square metres (2012), among others. Her work has been exhibited at FIDMarseille, Visions Du Réel, the Toulouse Latin American Film Festival, the European Media Art Festival, Fidocs, Bafici, the Biennial of Video and New Media and Torino Film Festival. She was awarded a resident artist’s scholarship at the Bellagio Centre for the Arts and Humanities in Italy and the Project A residency for artists in Antarctica from the National Council of Culture of Magallanes. She is the author of the studies Joris Ivens en Chile: el documental entre la poesía y la crítica (Joris Ivens in Chile: the documentary between poetry and criticism) – published by Cuarto Propio – and Recuperación de la Historia Fílmica en Isla de Pascua (Recovery of the Film History of Easter Island) – published by Pehuén Editores. She teaches Film and Television at the University of Chile.