Ricardo Macián

Ricardo Macián



Commissioning editor History.


Ricardo Macián is a collaborator in the DocsValència festival, he has a diploma in Script for the EICTV (Cuba) and the García Berlanga Writers School and in “Documentary Filming” (IORTV-TVE).


As a special envoy for RTVV he develops reporter work in different countries and in conflict zones, as a director of photography intervenes in documentary series such as “In the footsteps of: Alexandra David Neel, etc.” (Tibet, Nepal … 1996). “From Here, From There” (Cameroon, Nepal, Australia, Japan, Iceland and Canada, 2002).
And in documentaries: “El Cerro” (Cuba 1988). “Osel, El Lama Español” and “Vicente Ferrer” (India 1996) “The Death of Nobody” (2003). “Jaume I” (Spain, France, 2008). “Música por Balas” (Guatemala, 2009). “Fallas del 37” (2013).


As producer and director, he participates in several documentaries, among others: In Afghanistan: “Sons of War” (2002) and Los Ojos de Ariana with different recognitions.
As director and executive producer, he produces the series “Microasesinos” for Canal Historia (Liberia, Ghana, Bolivia, Colombia, Switzerland, 2016).


DocsValència is a festival of stories, views, perspectives, experiences and, above all, exchange of cultures. Each documentary is emotion, discovery, surprise, information, beauty, poetics and, why not, humor. This is what DocsValència tries to transmit to the viewer when the lights in the room go out.
We understand documentary film festivals as spaces of intellectual agitation, as scenarios to think about our world and enjoy discovering it. We love that they share stories with us, but much more if they are real.