Tonina Matamalas

Tonina Matamalas was born in Andratx (Mallorca – Spain), 1987. Nowadays she is based in Berlin.
Specialized on video at Barcelona University of Arts, Spain (2010); she works on animation, illustration and documentary. She also takes part in trans-feminist/queer collectives in Mallorca and Berlin. Therefore most of her projects are related to her activism.
Interested in collaborative video-making, she finds on experimental animation, as well as workshop strategies and storytelling, powerful tools to work collectively on the construction of representation and imaginary for resistance.
Her last short film «Organiza lo (im)posible», co-directed with Carme Gomila in collaboration with «Las Kellys Barcelona», has received several awards, such as «Best short London Feminist Film Fest 2018», and has been showed in many film festivals abroad. She also worked on the background design for the 90′ animated documentary “1917, Der Wahre Oktober” ; and developed the live drawing for the Live-documentary “Itten, Ohne Farbe geht’s nichts” both directed by Katrin Rothe.


Paul Bush

Paul Bush is a filmmaker most well-known for experimental stop frame animation. He has made numerous short and medium length films including The Cows Drama (1984), His Comedy (1994), Rumour of True Things (1996), Furniture Poetry (1999), Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (2001) and While Darwin Sleeps (2004). His films have been shown in festivals, cinemas, galleries and on television all round the world. He has had recent retrospectives in Belgium, Taiwan, Portugal, Slovenia, USA, and Poland. In 2013 his feature film Babeldom was released in UK cinemas to critical acclaim.
He began teaching film in 1981 and established a film workshop in South London. He taught on the visual arts course at Goldsmiths between 1995 and 2001 and at the National Film and Television School since 2003. Bush has lectured, run workshops and tutored at numerous art and film courses around the world including Harvard, Luzern University, CSC in Italy and EIC-TV in Cuba.
‘Bush is part scavenger, part inventor. Nothing is out of bounds and everything is worth trying. This is what makes Bush’s work so welcoming; you never know what you’re in for but you know it will be smart, funny, provocative and unique.’ (Chris Robinson – Director, Ottawa International Animation Festival).