ITALY / 25’/ 2D

The grandparent’s bedroom, with simple clay walls. The clothes hanging on the wall and their bright colours. The long way to school. A red thread to hold on while walking alongside the delta of the River Niger. The alphabet loudly sung together with classmates. These are memories. Eno’s memories, a Nigerian woman. The happiest memories she chose to bring with her from her homeland to Italy, where now she’s living. Eno is one of the five characters of FILI – Threads. The animated documentary tells the happy memories linked to the countries that five immigrants have left behind to get to Italy. Moments firmly hang on to distant countries, hidden in the memory of those who lived them. These memories allow to see protagonists, not only masses and crowds. Single portraits of persons, not anonymous shots of migration flows.

Maria Virginia Moratti is an Italian animation director, artist and architect. She studied Architecture in Venice and Animation in Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia – National Film School, based in Turin. She graduated in 2018 with the film “The Eel – L’Anguilla”, in which she worked as concept artist, animator and producer. After that, she started developing “FILI”, a short animated documentary about immigration, and decided to study Arabic Language and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Turin. Now she’s taking a Master in Immigration at the Ca’ Foscari Challenge School in Venice.