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In a quest to understand how is it that hope transcends the facts of danger, a mid aged multi-award winning Nigerian filmmaker; Ike Nnaebue goes on a mission to re-live his early adulthood experience of trying to travel to Europe by road. 

I am going to retake a journey that I made 21 years ago when I left Nigeria to try and reach Europe by road. I turned back at one point on the advice of a stranger who warned me of the dangers ahead. As I retake this journey, I will meet young people who are taking the same trip for the first time and I want to find out why they would continue despite knowing of the dangers ahead. 

Ike Nnaebue. A highly celebrated Nigerian Movie Director, Screenwriter and Producer.

Ike’s film, Sink or Swim won Best Narrative Feature 2017 Newark International Film Festival and has received several nominations and official selections at notable international film festivals around the globe.

Ike’s newest film “Loving Daniella” which he filmed at locations in three continents namely Lagos Nigeria, Las Vegas Usa and the beautiful island of Antigua made the official selection for Las Vegas Black Film Festival and won the festival’s Best Actress Award out of three nominations.

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