CHILE, 80’, HD

In 1879, Bolivia lost its access to the sea in a war. When I was a child I didn’t understand how we had lost it; I thought the Chileans had taken it in buckets. It is a diary of inner landscapes, myths, characters and contradictions, in a country that relives this loss every day.

Gabriela Paz Ybarnegaray , Documentary filmmaker. She studied film directing at the Bolivian Catholic University and the Master in Documentary Cinema at the University of Chile. He directed several short films and in 2012 the film “La bala no mata”. She manages undergraduate and graduate film academic curriculums. Documentary film teacher. She is one of the founders of the Association of Women of Bolivian Cinema. She supports the elaboration of the new law of Bolivian cinema.

Tonina Sur Films , an audiovisual company dedicated to the production of documentaries that promote themes and spaces for reflection in local Latin American communities. Recent works: “Catta”, “El Alma de la Rabeca”, Ecuadorian and Brazilian documentary respectively, DocBarcelona 2019 Campus selection; “Puerto Escondido”, Bolivian documentary, Santiago Lab selection, SANFIC 10, Chile; “Madre hay sola”, short documentary selected Festival FEMCine 5, Chile; program “El Valor Social”, Canal VIVE.

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