ITALY, 80’

Gardone, a small town surrounded by mountains in northern Italy. After his 25th birthday, the young Sokuro is back in Italy after spending a month in Burkina. During this stay, he married a young girl from his native village, reconnecting with the land of his ancestors. While waiting for his wife to join him in Italy, Sokuro goes back to the family routine of the small apartment where he lives with his brother Nassir and his sister Falira, aged 9 and 20 years. Like them, Sokuro lives as a foreigner on a land that has seen him grow up.

Mathie Volpe (Rome, Italy, 1990), an italian father and a Belgian mother, lived in Bari, in the very South of Italy, until he was nineteen. In 2009 he moved to Brussels to study directing at the Institut des arts de diffusion in Louvain-la-Neuve. His graduation film,
“Il segreto del serpente” (2014), has been selected by several international festivals such as Torino Film Festival, Filmer à tout prix, Lussas and Huesca. He has just completed his second short documentary, “Our territory”.

5e6 is a film production company based in Italy.
5e6 produce films that capture the ever-changing world and society through people’s passions, abilities, and perspectives.

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