Burkina Faso, 70’, HD

Yves Omar, a former Burkinabe schoolteacher, has given up chalk for the trade in second-hand cars between Europe and Africa.
From Ouagadougou to Paris, from Montbéliard to Munich, from Stuttgart to Périgueux or from Lyon to Brussels, Paris est mon jardin offers another way of understanding the links between Europe and Africa, through the experience of Yves Omar who – like a modern Candide – cultivates his garden on both continents.

Mamounata Nikièma holds a master’s degree in communication for development and a master’s degree in creative documentary filmmaking. She is both a director and a producer. She is very involved in the networks of Burkinabe filmmakers. Her previous films: Osez la scène, La princesse du Goetho, Osez la lune, Une journée avec Aïcha, Savoir raison garder, Manges-tu le riz de la vallée ?, Les Bénéficiaires.

Les Films de la pluie is a French company created in 2014 with the ambition of producing auteur documentary films for television, whether local, regional or international. After five years of existence, the company now has six films in its catalogue and about ten projects in production.
Pilumpiku Production is a SARL-U based in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, since May 2013. It covers the fields of documentary and fiction film production.

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