Maili, 52’

Following the occupation of northern Mali by armed groups in 2012, various foreign forces tried to put an end to the violence: a peace agreement was signed. But reconciliation on the ground hasn’t happened, tensions between communities have worsened, and it is the center of the country that is burning today.

Sory, a young Malian journalist, undertakes to visit his fisherman uncle in Kouakourou, a Bozo village located on the banks of the Niger River near Mopti.

THE FORGOTTEN is a journey to the heart of a country adrift, in search of people, words and writings that can reconcile.

Trained at the Conservatory of Arts in Bamako and the Gaston Berger University of Saint-Louis in Senegal, Ousmane won the 2011 Best Film award with Caski Nafa at the Ciné Ados festival. He has since worked at DS Production in Bamako. In 2014, he is the prize-winner of the writing training of the French Institute of Mali.

L’ECHANGEUR is a french association created in 2009 and based in Paris, France. Since 2010, L’Echangeur has been working in West Africa, especially in Mali, organizing video workshops and screening campaigns. Since 2013, L’Echangeur has been producing and distributing shorts and documentary films written by engaged directors about political and social change issues in West Africa. Julien Fiorentino is artistic director and producer for L’Echangeur.

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