Brazil 90’, COLOR 2K

Brazil is a country marked by a very particular racism. Unlike countries where there were segregationist laws, here racial prejudice has always been disguised as a supposed racial democracy. In the post abolition of slavery, the country has moved towards the so-called ideology of whitening, whose objective was less genotypic whitening and more phenotypic of the population.

Luara Oliveira studied Communication and took a course in editing at the Cuban Film School. She has edited short films such as ABUELAS (2009), presented at the Berlin Film Festival, as well as edited and scripted documentaries such as UNA BREVE HISTORIA DE LA MÚSICA CAIPIRA (2006) and EL ROTEIRISTA (2010).

She developed a script in the sitcom LIKE! (2018). She does the executive production of the feature film EL HIJO PLANTADO, contemplating in two Brazilian development competitions PRODAV and PROAC; and in the long fiction development AMEN, winner of the best script award in Portugal. She does the co-direction of documental CORONANDO which is in finalization.

Lusco Fusco Filmes,Production house founded in 2011 to make viable own projects and independent producers.

Our vocation is to tell stories and our goal is to connect people to ideas. We make films because we believe it is possible to change the world through them.