Cuba and Sahara, two antagonistic places ready to draw attention to the contrast between them. The exotic of Cuba, its smells, its colors, its noise, ends up becoming magical surrealism in contrast with the desert and the sordidness of the fields of Tindouf. On the other hand, the Saharawi refugee camps, which could well turn out to be desolate and dehumanized places, end up being authentic oases of humanity. Where silence and isolation are the protagonists, there is a ferocious resurgence of the human soul. A cry and a lesson in humanism and resistance, and in the centre, THEY.

Blanca Ordóñez y Alba González de Molina
2012 – Stop Rodando el Cambio (97´) , Blanca Ordóñez y Alba González de Molina
2016 – Julie (105´), Alba González de Molina
2016 – Crudo Paraiso (100´), Blanca Ordóñez
2017 – La Hora de la merienda (17´), Alba González de Molina
2017 – La Clase de Al lado (75´), Blanca Ordóñez
2018 – Las Flores de Jericó (85´), Blanca Ordóñez y Alba González de Molina

Blanca Ordóñez and Alba González de Molina in 2018 decided to create the production company MALAS LENGUAS and this union resulted in “Las Flores de Jericó”, a full-length documentary co-directed and co-written by both, financed by the Consejería de Igualdad del Cabildo de Gran Canaria and with the collaboration of CEAR Canarias. The film is currently being distributed.
The second project they are carrying out under the production company is titled Desapareció la Lluvia (The Rain Disappeared), which receives a Cinematography Grant from the Culture Department of the Cabildo a Desarrollo de Proyecto Audiovisual (Development of the Audiovisual Project).