Juan Pablo Libossart

Juan Pablo Libossart, Documentary Film Commissioner at the Swedish Film Institute

Juan Pablo Libossart is film producer, director and script writer, born 1978 in Argentina. He received a European Master in Audiovisual Management at MEDIA Business School and completed European Producers Workshop (EAVE) 2013.
Juan wrote and directed the short film Amalimbo which competed in Venice 2016 and was nominated for a European Film Award.
Most recently, he worked as producer at Fasad, where he, among other things, produced Erik Gandini’s documentary The Swedish Theory of Love (2016) and Cosmopolitanism (2015, with Jesper Kurlandsky).
(Photo: Michael Campanella)

Michelle Kranot

Michelle Kranot, Filmmaker and ANIDOX Producer

Beginning her career in animation, Michelle works together with her partner Uri. Their work has expanded beyond the traditional: their art straddles experimental genres and unfamiliar mediums, fusing handcrafted images and new technologies into contemporary experiences. Through drawings and films, their work is frequently characterized by a poetic sensibility and fragmented narratives exploring past and present, fact and fiction.
Their current projects continue to test the frontiers of immersive art and moving images with a focus on collaborative projects and cross-media innovation. Originally from Israel, Michelle and Uri have been living and working in Viborg for over 10 years and both teach at The Animation Workshop, leading professional training programmes such as ANIDOX.