Alejandro Salgado / 72´ / 2019 /Spain

Direction: Alejandro Salgado
Production: Irene Hens
Editing: David G. López de la Osa, Alejandro Salgado
Cinematography: Sergio Caro
Sound: Alonso Velasco
Sound Design: Rafa Martínez

In Islamic culture, Barzakh represents the intermediate world, a state between life and physical death. A space located between hell and paradise. A real non-place. Whoever enters Barzakh, is waiting to be judged, but doesn’t know when or where he will be going.

“Barzakh” reproduces this phantasmagorical world sheltered by night, placing in its heart a group of children trapped between two worlds: Morocco, the hell they think they are running away from and Europe, the paradise they’re hoping to reach.

Alejandro Salgado (1982 Los Palacios, Seville) has two Bachelors, one in Audiovisual Communication and one in Art History from the University of Seville. In 2010 he receives the INJUVE Award for Visual Arts. In 2013 he directed the short documentary “El desorden de los sentidos” for which he picks the ASECAN Award for Best Documentary Short Film up, among others. Since 2014, he is partner and co-founder on the production company La Maleta Films. At the same time, he writes and directs for different audiovisual formats. In 2016 he directed the documentary film “Bolingo. The forest of love ” premiered in the Official Section of the International Documentary Festival of Amsterdam (IDFA), putting together several national and international awards. In 2018 he directs his first feature film “Barzaj”.