Juan Pablo Ruiz / 63´ / 2019 / Argentina

Direction: Juan Pablo Ruiz
Production: Omar Mustafá
Script: Juan Pablo Ruiz
Editing: Juan Pablo Ruiz y Alejandro Antón
Cinematography: Gustavo Schiaffino
Sound: Omar Mustafá y Jonathan Darch

Cerro quemado is the journey of Micaela Chauque (39) and her mother, Cornelia Yurquina (55), in search of her grandmother Felipa Zerpa (82), the last inhabitant of an inhospitable place in the high peaks of northern Salta province. The pilgrimage of these two women, who trek for several days through hills and valleys, ends in an emotional and tender encounter with the elderly woman, whose stubbornness and deep attachment to the land have turned her into a solitary and elusive character, in deep contact with the traditional view of the cosmos and with nature – mother earth or Pachamama.

JUAN PABLO RUIZ (Buenos Aires, 1978). He studied film direction at the CIEVYC film research center. Since then he specialises in Direction, Script, and Montage Editing. In 2009 he wrote the screenplay for the feature-length documentary La palabra empeñada, that evokes the figure of the disappeared Argentine journalist Jorge Ricardo Masetti. 2019 saw the première of his film debut, Cerro quemado, where he narrates the life of the last Coya inhabitant of a mountain in northern Argentina. He also began researching for his second feature-length film, Nebulosa, which revolves around the disappeared pianist Francisco Tenorio Jr., that will be shot between Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Buenos Aires.