Silvia Navarro, Miguel G. Morales / 63´ / 2019 /Spain

Direction: Silvia Navarro, Miguel G. Morales
Production: Miguel G. Morales
Script: Ivó Vinuesa, Silvia Navarro, Miguel G. Morales
Editing: Ivó Vinuesa
Sound: Juan Carlos Blancas

An archeologist, immersed in colonial-era myths, travels to the last remaining cave dwellings interviewing the goatherds who live there as part of his quest to discover the remains of the original indigenous inhabitants of the Canary Islands. The archeological experience reveals the complex map of power that is used to construct historical discourse.

Silvia Navarro. Sociologist and visual artist. Her work explores the discursive layers that show the image as a reflection of the power discourse construction within the historiographic narration. As a filmmaker she codirected with Miguel G. Morales the short films ‘Esclavos sin ser esclavos’, ‘Juana’ and the feature length film ‘On the Names of the Goats’. She served as a film researcher and documentarist for the experimental filmmakers Samuel M. Delgado and Helena Girón (‘Sin Dios ni Santa María’, ‘Burning Mountains That Spew Flame’, ‘Plus Ultra’), with whom she currently works as an art director for their first feature film (‘Ellos transportan la muerte’).

Miguel G. Morales. His work is situated at the periphery of non-fiction with a strong investigative and essayistic nature. He alternates these filmic projects with video art while collaborating with visual and performance artists to design the audiovisual environment of exhibitions. He has directed documentary feature films such as ‘Aislados”, ‘Al silencio’, ‘Taro. El eco de Manrique’ or ‘Una luz en la isla’ and more introspective short films such as ‘Retina’, ‘Hombre que hace que duerme’ and other works such ‘Pozo negro’, ‘Ángel caído’ or ‘El viejo y el lago’. His works have been shot in different countries and have been shown at festivals and international art centres. Along with the visual artist Silvia Navarro he co-directed ‘Juana’, ‘Esclavos sin ser esclavos’ and the feature length film ‘On the Names of the Goats’